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Lilli Adams has written a book about my living organ donation. It can be purchased at under Donor Girl. Her goal is to help other potential donors understand the process from beginning to end. This is only one story, and there are many. However, Lilli  believe all donors share certain thoughts; whether it be fear, joy or wonder. It is her hope this book helps people that are considering donation. She also hope it can help recipients to better understand what their donor might be experiencing.


is the first book of its kind.

Its unique mix of interview discussions, professional photography and contemporary design ensures

it is attractive, informative and accessible.


This substantial volume considers many aspects of this complex and emotional subject from a UK perspective.


Participants, including doctors, recipients, donors, family members, researchers and co-ordinators, have given honest accounts of their first-hand experiences.


The book forms a comprehensive guide to the issues for patients, their families and friends, in easy-to-understand sections with high-quality images.


Contact:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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