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Life is such a funny thing. Since 2007 I've done events to celebrate my Kidney transplant anniversary and worked on jokes to tell my surgeon at my annual check up. Last year for my 3rd I told him 'my knees hurt a little after I ran London Marathon 2010 in under 5 hours'. This year in May I cruised 10k races wearing 3D glasses and slowed down for cameras and I told him 'I'm starting to believe I didn't actually get any super powers from the surgery' (because my times were 2 minutes slower).

Then I was interviewed to be a Games Maker and nominated to carry the London 2012 Olympic Torch by the ACLT, the Anthony Nolan Trust and supported by Kidney Research UK. Properly bitten by the Olympic bug i was put forward as Gold Challenge Champion for the ACLT and is now somehow Captain of a team called Living Donors doing 2012km Gold Challenge before the start of the Olympics. Suddenly the most serious joker in Southville Running Club is training harder and has done over 200km of 2012km on my own with a queue of my amazing friends joining in to help.
Come September and in this album, I change roles from Raph M1K to ACLT Super Donor Dan (Daniel De-Gale) for the 100 meters UK Mascot Charity Gold Challenge 2011. It must have been something to do with the mask and the cape because I made an almighty push for the finish and actually won a race for the first time in my life. While I'm usually just happy to participate, suddenly I was the centre of attention for something else other than being silly and words like 'winner' are being used with my name in a whole new context.
Soon enough, I'm back to the reality of getting ready for next weekend Bristol Half Marathon in home town of Southville Running Club. I'll be running with a co-worker helping out the 2012km Gold Challenge with half the club in the race and the other half cheering for good racing times.
With that said, what the charities I support really need, are real heroes. Willing to give more than just money/time and share their good health.
Next month I'll be doing my 8th blood donation at 'Daniel De-Gale Blood Donation Week' and will be looking out for a ballot entry to the London Marathon 2012. I'm thinking it would be appropriate to try and knock 40 minutes off my previous time during my 40th.
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