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Before a Transplant

 - Minus 1 Kidney - Minus 1 Kidney - Minus 1 Kidney

 - Minus 1 Kidney - Minus 1 Kidney 


Update Sent: Sunday, April 10, 2011


My recipient, Jose Luis Vara, Jr is doing exceedingly well and has had absolutely no complications since the transplant.  He's now spending his time with his family rather than on dialysis, and for that I'm eternally grateful!


My health is good as well after a few immediate post-surgery complications and I'm getting ready to turn 55 on 5/5 (Cinco de Mayo!).  Jose and his family will be part of the celebration!


I feel wonderful and wake up every day knowing that I did my part by reaching out to a man and his family who were in dire need for me to share something that only God could have given me... my good health!

Best wishes to you!
Philip R Knisely
Live kidney donor 12/30/2008!!


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