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Name: W. K. Raphael aka Raph aka Raph M1K

Country: Born in Trinidad and Tobago (Caribbean) and currently residing in England.


Kidney Donation: May 2007

Blood Donation: Started in Nov 2009 and is currently at Minus 6 Blood Donations at Mar 2010.

Blood Platelet Donation: I was tested and turned down in 2010.

Bone Marrow Register: Join Nov 2011.

Donor Register: My excuse is, I'm a bit preoccupied with living and haven't made any other plans for my passing beyond the M1K legacy and a grave stone with the words "Raph was here...".

Here is a link to my Garmin satellite tracking and recording of events.

Charity Career:

London 10,000 10k - May 2008 in 54 mins Celebrating 1st Anniversary and the wettest race day ever.

British 10K London Run - Jul 2008 in about 58 mins repeating my first race.

Bristol 10k - May 2009 in 50 mins 28 secs - Personal Best with 101 pictures taken during the race and Celebrating 2nd Anniversary.

I made a music video from my 1st Tandem Skydive and it is not going to be my last!/video/video.php?v=128147183377

British 10k London Run '09 in 52min with 102 pictures during this race and first time my mom (with nieces and nephew) visiting on holiday saw me run.

New Year Hangover 2010 in 50min starting off the year at my peak from last year.

Tough Ten (Miles) 2010 Valentines Day in 1hr 26mins

Reading Half Marathon (13m) March 2010 - Sub 2hrs - 01:58:31 & 181 pics during the race...

London Marathon (26m) 25th April 2010 - Sub 5hrs - 4:54:12 with 292 pics during the race...


Daniel De-Gale 10k (6m) Marrow-Thon 2010

Seaview 17 (20 miles) 2010 - I didn't finish but is was the most amazing 16 miles I've ever run.



Trekking Kilimanjaro??? (it has been slipping for a few years now but maybe 2012).

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