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Lilli has written a book about her living organ donation. It can be purchased at under Donor Girl. Her goal is to help other potential donors understand the process from beginning to end. This is only one story, and there are many. However, she believe all donors share certain thoughts; whether it be fear, joy or wonder. She hope this book helps people that are considering donation. I also hope it can help recipients to better understand what their donor might be experiencing.

Lilli Adams donated her kidney to her sister's husband, David Hornby, on July 11, 2007. There is no greater feeling than knowing that you saved another person's life.

There are so many wonderful stories of living organ donation. If you are considering being a living organ donor, contact your nearest transplant center about being a non-directed organ donor. They will find someone who needs your generous gift of life.

Dave and Lilli M1K one month post op at my cousin Tommy's wedding.

Dave and Lilli M1K celebrating our two year anniversary following donation. We always pose so my left side is touching his right. The kidney came out of my left side and resides in his right side.


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