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Diane Franks founder of Living Kidney Donation

     Name: Di Franks


     Country: England

     Altruistic Kidney Donation: July 2010

Di is an altruistic kidney donor and did not know before her operation who her kidney was going to. She tells her story in great details on her own website.
When Di Franks asked her doctor about donating her kidney, she wasn't sure she would be taken seriously.
Because Di wasn't giving her healthy organ to a sick and needy relative.. she wanted to donate it to a complete stranger.
Five years ago it was illegal to give a kidney to someone you didn't know in this country. 
When it was made legal, inspired by a friend in the US who had themselves donated a kidney, Di was faced with the extraordinary choice.
Should she undergo a major operation to remove a vital organ to help someone she would probably never know? Not only was she was risking her own life, the choice could have consequences for her son and the rest of her family if they ever needed her organ...

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