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Raph M1K has been an adventuring Living Organ Donor since 2007... was created soon after Raph M1K transplant in May 2007 and is still being maintain as a trophy peace for lives of new adventures. was then started by Raph M1K in 2008 to get a bit more interactive and since then he has been meeting other donors.

It wasn't until 2010 that Raph M1K started to meet other donors in person and collected a few photo for facebook. For the year 2010, statistic show in the UK alone there were about 1,037 living donor transplants. After about 50 years of transplants happening all round the world, they seems to disappear back to their normal lives.

In 2011 Raph M1K registered the website hoping to properly share the title with other donors and the world.

2012 was all about Raph M1K Olympic Adventures.

2013 Raph M1K is working away from his home based in the UK but still this raising awareness on his travels.


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